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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage worsens as time passes. The more immediate the response and the quicker that water damage removal and clean-up begins, the less the ultimate damage and the faster you are back to normal. Costly issues can arise within 72 hours if they are not addressed properly. Only certified affiliates can handle water damage restoration. Returning your property to its equilibrium is a fine science that requires the right amount of time and equipment, and monitoring. Organic materials are used at the outset to stabilize the environment and minimize any impact to the occupants. First General has the network of restoration experts to complete all initial, ongoing and final stabilization of the property’s humidity levels and the moisture content of its materials. We commit to a two hour response time under normal circumstances and use sufficient drying equipment to complete stabilization in the shortest period possible.

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Do you need immediate assistance with water or moisture damage? First General Oxford is available 24/7/365 to assist on our Emergency Line: 1-877-539-7135